An Analytic Paper on the Two Books: The World Is Flat of Thomas Friedman and Making Globalization Work of Joseph Stiglitz

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An analytic paper on the two books: The World is Flat of Thomas Friedman and Making Globalization Work of Joseph Stiglitz

Globalization is process of integration. It is spread all through several fields, such as politics, culture, economy, technology and the environment. Internationally, these fields are going through a period of conversion and evolution causing this world to turn out to be homogenous and flat. Even nations in the Third World are having the prospects only the developed countries once had to emerge into affluence. In fact, globalization is not new. Numerous events through which this course is evident have been going on for many years. However, between the late 20th century and early 21st century, the process of globalization has intensified. According to Jones (2010), a number of thinkers, including Friedman and Stiglitz, say that economy is the driving force behind globalization.

In his book, The World Is Flat, Thomas L.

Friedman examines a number of factors that have caused globalization to intensify during the past 20 to 25 years. But first of all, the thing which is very important to understand is what globalization is. In the book, Making Globalization Work, Joseph E. Stiglitz explains globalization as the global flow of ideas and knowledge, the sharing of cultures, global civil society and international environment movement. He is of the view that globalization is the name of close economic integration between different nations through the increased flow of goods and services, capital and even workforce.

The works of both Friedman and Stiglitz is very important in understanding the subject of globalization. But in my opinion, Friedman has the most balanced and accurate assessment of the current and future situation. Friedman is of the view that today's globalized economy is the result of the collapse of Berlin Wall in...