Analytical Essay: Korn - Falling Away From Me

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Korn's song, Falling Away From Me is completely about the point of view of the sister of a child being repetitively abused, rather than that of a by standing adult. But the narrative scheme is much more complicated... The song is in the first person, meaning that the sister is saying it seeing through the eyes of her brother. This is a girl who can clearly understand what her brother is feeling.

Though the lyrics are quite repetitive and seem to be straight forward, the song was written about a boy who is physically and emotionally abused by his father. Through the duration of the song, as seen in the music video of it, all this boy's sister can hear is her father's abuse of her brother as she tries to go to sleep. The father seems to get increasingly mad every time this brother turned on his music.

The boy seemed to simply want to drown out his miserable existence by listening to Korn's arrangement of depressing songs. This boy then realizes that his only salvation is to run away from home and get away from it all. Korn says specifically that this song and video is about family violence and, in particular, child abuse.

When writing the lyrics to this song, Korn repeated lines many times; most repeated lines depressing as the boy feels he is being beaten "into the ground", and losing will to try. This sense, in combination with the rest of the lyrics, causes the obvious feeling of helplessness and depression. As his sanity slowly trickles out of his reach, as we see in the third verse, he comes to the conclusion he must get away; he decides to take off.

Common knowledge among the world of today states that running from your...