Analytical Essay on scene, "Norstadt discovers truth" from movie, 'The Man Without a Face'.

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Analytical essay of the scene- 'Norstadt discovers truth'

How are film techniques used to show the emotions of the characters in this scene?

During the movie, "The Man Without A Face" by Mel Gibson, numerous film techniques are used to enhance the various scenes throughout the film.

Before the scene, 'Norstadt discovers truth', Norstadt finds his stepsister, Gloria, and her boyfriend in bed. Gloria loses her temper and reveals the truth about Norstadt's father who committed suicide in a hospital because he was mentally ill.

The scene begins with a close-up of Norstadt who is shocked after reading the letters, which are in the background. The music starts off as being high and soft and sets the mood of sadness. Then two extreme close-up shots of the letters are displayed, focusing on the main phrases of "PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTE" and a signature of a doctor. Immediately, the audience is given more information and proof that Norstadt's father had really been psychologically challenged.

A cut is used to capture a low-level shot of Norstadt leaning against a bed, with letters strewn all over the floor. Norstadt crumples up a letter, suggesting that he is in a state of anger and confusion.

Another transition cut is used changing the setting from the bedroom to another section where Norstadt is sprinting to McLeod's house. The camera is set on an eye level close-up and is dollying Norstadt as he is running along. The scene uses an extreme close-up to show the grief and frustration of Norstadt's facial expression. The impression of isolation, uncertainty and fear is presented by the shots of Norstadt running alone and the increase in tempo of the music. The use of a blurred background and low lighting also gives the idea that nothing else mattered to Norstadt, and that he...