Analytical Exposition - Comparing the book 'Tomorrow when the war began' to the movie 'Lord of the Flies' By Emily Bridget

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Analytical ExpositionEmerald BeamishTheir lives will never be the same again after what has happened to all of them.

Tomorrow, when the war began has a sense of hope, whereas Lord of the Flies promotes despair. When two girls, from Tomorrow, When the War Began, decide to spend their Christmas holidays in a bush with a group of friends, they don't expect a war to erupt in their small town of Wirrawee. Luckily, they see light at the end of the tunnel and do their best to get through the ups and downs of real life in a war. But this isn't the case for a troop of boys, in Lord of the Flies, when they become stranded on an island after their plane crashed. Before they knew it, a war had broken out between two groups. In their minds, they knew they needed to survive because they were going to be on that island for a long time, maybe even their 'whole lives'.

There is evidence to prove that Tomorrow, When the War Began is more hopeful, when Lord of the Flies is promoting despair, through relationships with friends and family, leadership to do with respect and sticking together, and lastly the morality of war.

In Tomorrow, When the War Began, the characters show hope when thinking about their loved ones, but throughout Lord of the Flies there's only despair when it comes to wondering when they'll see civilisation again. As a result, the group from Tomorrow, When the War Began risk their lives in search of their family and friends. However, in Lord of the Flies, they give up on remembering their past and get on with their new lives leaving no hope for the future. For example, when one of the characters, Jack, decides...