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APN is a diversified media company that engages in activities such as newspaper publishing, radio broadcasting, and outdoor advertising. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

For fiscal 2004, APN generated revenues of AU$1.3 billion ($979.0 million), a 12.2% increase over the previous year's revenues of AU$1.1 billion ($872.2 million). The company reported a net profit of AU$128.3million ($97.9 million) in 2004, representing a 24% increase over 2003's net profit of AU$103.5 million ($79.0 million).

Business DescriptionAPN is a diversified media company. It operates in three segments: publishing, radio, and outdoor advertising.

The company publishes around 24 daily and over 90 non-daily newspapers throughout Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, it serves the regions of Queensland and northern New South Wales. In New Zealand, APN operates the New Zealand Herald, which has a daily readership of 603,000 people aged over 15, as well as a number of regional and community newspapers and mass-market magazines.

APN also operates printing businesses, as well as a security plastics company.

APN's radio broadcasting activities consist of investments in around 12 metropolitan radio stations in Australia and 105 radio stations in New Zealand. It manages a joint venture, the Australian Radio Network (ARN), with Clear Channel Communications, a radio broadcaster in the US.

APN operates outdoor advertising categories such as posters, street furniture, transit, and supersites. It also runs outdoor businesses in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The company's major outdoor businesses include Transit, Supersites, Rainbow, Kurnia, and Street Furniture.

AnalysisAPN has links back to the pioneer newspaper families that brought a free press to the developing parts of Australia in the 1850s. These families consolidated their printing interests in 1968 to form Provincial Newspapers.

In 1988, the company was acquired by Independent Newspapers of Ireland and changed its...