This is an analytical paper about lowering the age to receive an FOID (Firearm Owner's Identification) and the age to become a police officer. Included is an informative abstract and a bibliography.

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Informative Abstract

This paper describes a job as a police officer, why the government should change the age requirement to become a police officer, and a change in the age for acquiring an FOID (Firearm Owner's Identification Card).

A job as a police officer is an important entry-level position on the career path in the law enforcement field. Although there are benefits and opportunities within this field, every day police put their lives on the line, running the risk getting hurt and getting shot. So, changing the minimum age for becoming a police officer seems reasonable.

To become a police officer, there are many tests, both physical and mental, which must be passed as well as a psychological evaluation.

In addition, these steps are recommended:

Earn a Criminal Justice Associate's Degree;

Speak with people who are currently working in the field;

Think about future career opportunities: e.g., detective; and

Decide what kind of a career would satisfy your potential.


Informative Abstract 2

Introduction 4

Firearm Owners Identification Card 5

Screening the Police Officer 6

Written Exam 7

Oral Board Interviews 8

Video-Based Examination 9

Medical Examination 9

Fitness and Physical Performance Exams 10

Background Checks 11

Psychological Evaluations 12

The Job of a Police Officer 13

Conclusion 16

Bibliography 18


Becoming a police officer is a responsible and rewarding job. In most police agencies, police officers have benefits that can include paid vacation, sick leave, holidays, overtime pay, uniform allowances, tuition assistance or refund programs for college studies, retirement pension, medical and life insurance, and disability insurance. There are even some agencies which give officers a car to take home, if they live within a certain area of the agency.

The age requirements to become a police officer are set by police departments, and the...