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Expansion of Fort Collins Bus Service:


Research Proposal

To:Fort Collins Bus Transients

From:Destiny williams

Date:July 10, 1997



Transfort of Fort Collins is Fort Collins' bus transportation, and since 1974 when Transfort started, Transfort has been committed to keeping up with change. Over the years Transfort has added and deleted its bus service to keep up with changing times. For many Fort Collins residents bus service is necessary because Transfort is their only reliable source of transportation. For others, it's just a cleaner way to travel and a pleasant way to avoid the hustle and bustle of driving their own cars. Because Fort Collins is growing, bus service must be expanded to more areas so that more residents can ride the bus, decreasing car congestion and air pollution. However, not all residents are for bus expansion.

Statement of problem

Because Transfort has limited funding, Federal Subsidy Grants must be acquired, or the City of Fort Collins must raise taxes (personal interview, 8 July 1997).

I have had the opportunity of speaking with many Transfort riders in the past few months and I feel very strongly that Transfort must expand its existing routes so that all areas of business can benefit. Transfort states that they do not have the funding to make such an expansion (personal interview, 8 July 1997). However, three businesses are currently paying for their own bus route on the southeast side of Fort Collins. This route is called the "South-Side Shuttle" and currently runs from Overland Trail and down Horsetooth, passing The Platte River Power Authority, Symbois Logic and ends at Hewlett Packard. Consequently, these three major businesses are the ones who pay for the South-Side Shuttle (personal interview, 8 July 1997). Since busses do not run...