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We have a family, a husband/wife and two teenage children, that desire to convert their house into a wireless environment for computing, sharing of music and video and accessing devices from anywhere in the house andimmediate surroundings. The house is an older ranch on a concrete slab and running wires to all the rooms where an Internet connection is needed is impractical.

The house has all the rooms on one floor. There is a master bedroom, separate bedrooms for the children and a guest bedroom. Part of the large den has been sectioned off with a folding screen to provide a small office. The den/office, master bedroom and both child bedrooms havedigital TV connections. The house is located in an urban area that has access to cable, DSL and satellite service. There is also a garage with a store room that could become an office. That will need access to the wireless connection.

The family has recently purchased new LCD televisions for the home. They have a 46-inch LCD in the den; a 32-inch LCD in the master bedroom and each child received a 27-inch LCD. All LCD TVs have a full range of connectors.

The home office currently has a Windows 98 equipped, PIII desktop computer and an inkjet printer. Everyone currently has to bring anything to be printed to the den office and print to the inkjet printer. The mother uses an older model iBook Mac laptop for most of her work as a graphic design artist. Her work involves designing brochures, pamphlets,wedding invitations, and other small custom design paper products. A local print shop does the production printing of her work. She is also involved in several charitable organizations serving as the secretary for one andthe historian for another. She keeps the organizations’ records on her laptop.