How to analyze cases

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How to analyze a case

The approach of case situations useful to identify the features of case to help analysis and encourage active reading. There are four types of situations that occur repeatedly on the case. First, Problem - situation where something important occur and at the same time we don't know why it did. The knowledge can help improve the situation, while the change effort might be self-destructive with unapparent weakness and poor agent change. Problem analysis start with a definition of problems along with an explanation of problem by linking the outcome or performance by its roots cause using relevant tools such as organizational behavior or operations management. Second, Decision- good decisions have more benefit and less downside compare others. Decision analysis requires decision options which usually is in the case and finding alternative, decision criteria that needs to be derive through careful study of case - the purpose is to determine decisions that create best fit between available evidence and criteria, and relevant evidence.

The third is evaluations - expresses judgment about worth, value, effectiveness of performance of act or outcome of an individual, group, departments, organizations, country or global. Equipment of evaluation are evaluative criteria are inferred from the particular of situation with help from specialized methods and contains positive and negative sides. An overall evaluation expresses the best fit between the evidence and criteria. Lastly, rules analysis requires the type of information needed in particular situation, appropriate rules to furnish that information, the correct way to apply the rules and data necessary to execute the rules. The result of rules analysis frequently provoke sharp differences of opinions, since the...