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Many people are more likely to accept the male in charge because they think male leaders have better leadership style than female. Nevertheless, one phenomenon has occurred in the recent business market: more and more female leaders have taken over the leadership in some big companies. Charlotte Beers, who is the executive, has been instigated the necessary changes from O&M and also proved the female's successful leadership.

Through the case, Charlotte Beers's leadership style seems acceptable and efficient. This assumption is supported with her clearly business's goals, interactive style and structure power. To begin with, the business goals are described undoubtedly when Charlotte Beers first shown in O&M. Her emphasis on multinational client and brand stewardship, moreover, she gives every separate department's proper direction for changing. In addition, she maintains the flexibility to their business goals as well.

Setting the goals, which have made everyone from O&M realizes that the whole company's developmental directions.

Next, the interactive style is used by Charlotte Beers. When she sent the "hello" video to all the employees, she said she was building her own expectations and dreams for the agency, and she hoped the employees, who have the similar dreams to help her. Her behaviour makes employees think that Charlotte is sharing her willing and encouraging them participate to the changes. Second, after deciding the plans, Charlotte chooses to meet the executives one-on-one, and she asks employees to communicate the strategy. In other words, she has been used the contingency theory. She is focusing on exchanging feelings from the top to the bottom of this agency. Using this method, it improves the communications from the employers and employees; furthermore, it increases the productivity of the agency. Third, charismatic leadership is expressed when Charlotte held the Vienna meeting since she tries to...