Analyze the contributions of Washing and Jefferson in helping establish a stable government after the adoption of the Constitution.

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In 1789 George Washington was elected as the First President of the United States of America under the Constitution. In the following years after George Washington's administration was John Adams and succeeding him was the Third President of the United States Thomas Jefferson. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's' administrations contributed to establishing a stable government after the adoption of the Constitution. They strengthened the national government by passing important legislature, peaceful international affairs and economic plans.

Washington strengthened the government financially because during his presidency the financial system was built. George Washington himself did not create the financial system but Alexander Hamilton the secretary of the treasury did. After the Revolutionary War the United States had gathered a lot of debt because of the expensive cost it takes to fight a war. Hamilton saw this debt as a good thing. Hamilton saw debt as a good thing because he believed that a national debt was motivate and push the government and the people to work together to get the debt repaid. Hamilton combined each individual state debt into the national debt because of his belief that debt was beneficial. Hamilton's idea for reshaping the American Economy included creating a national financial institution. He proposed the idea of the First Bank of the United States. The bank would help make the new economy stable through a paper currency. Hamilton wanted the United States to become a mercantilist economy. It would benefit and help protect the American manufacturers through direct government Subsidies and Tariffs. This Protectionist policy would help the American producers to compete with inexpensive European imports. Thomas Jefferson had a polar opposite view of the economy than Hamilton who was running the economy during Washington's presidency. The belief of debt being beneficial was not held by Jefferson. Jefferson and his...