Analyze how the policies and decisions pursued by the government to George III brought about the Colonial War of Independence.

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The colonial War of Independence was caused by misrepresentation under the rule of George III of Great Britain for the American Colonies. Great Britain at the time operated under a system referred to as the mercantile system. The purpose of this system was to keep all trade and bartering within the Empire itself and banned trading with other Empires was forbidden. Under the mercantile system, the growth and wealth of the nation could expand further without the assistance of other surrounding nations. Under this rule, the American colonies were incorporated into the mercantile system, preventing them from trading with any other nations other than their homeland. Upon further persecuting elements, the British Empire began forming unfair taxes on all goods transported in or out of the colonies trying to further their growth while maintaining a restrictive hold on the colonies.

The first step towards Independence was when the Colony of Virginia passed a law that aimed to benefit the people living in the colony which later became referred to as "The Parson Clause."

In Virginia a court declared that because the supply of tobacco went down due to a poor harvest season and the price went up from two pennies to six pennies, the tobacco due to the ministry would be represented by not quantity but rather the monetary value of the supply. So since the clergy was promised 16,000 pounds of tobacco a year under British Rule, the court deemed it appropriate to supply them with a reduced amount that would portion out to the same cost as 16,000 pounds in the years before. The King unfortunately vetoed these terms and the ministry was awarded the back balance in tobacco. The colonists saw this move by the King to be the actions of a Tyrant and not a just...