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I am currently looking at an ad on the back of Spartan Daily newspaper advertising dorm furniture for college student. This advertisement is from Wal-Mart. A typical Spartan Daily newspaper is in black and white, however; this ad is the last page of the newspaper with color. Very eye catching to any readers. This is the beginning of a school semester where every college student need school supply, so it is very wise for the Wal-Mart people to have this advertisement at the beginning of the school year.

This ad from Wal-Mart takes up one full page of the newspaper. Its main color for the ad is in light blue. Blue color represents a promising future. This ad is divided into two parts; the left part shows a picture of an old and plain piece of wood that represent a table where it labeled, "This is not a desk".

On the right side of the ad, it shows a modern wood desk labeled". This is more like it." The desk is well polished, it have divided section for students to place their computer, books, etc. Mainly it is a desk that does not take up a lot of the space in a small dorm room, but it provided enough storage to store anything.

This advertisement is targeting college students. This is why it is in the Spartan Daily newspaper. Who else read this, except the student themselves. This ad also focused on the income status of a student. College life can be very expensive, from tuition to textbooks. But Wal-Mart is known to sell decent items for reasonable prices, so buying a desk from Wal-Mart, means durable desk that last through the college years for a cheap price. Not only does this ad targeting the college student,