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Advertising is a form of mass selling employed when the use of direct person to person selling is ineffective (History of Advertisement). There are many ways the media use to sell their products. Different companies' uses different method, but they are all aiming at a certain group of people. My advertisement was found in the September edition of Lucky. Lucky is the shopping magazine of a normal teenager. This is the magazine that they go to look at to find out what's the latest trend in the fashion world. The two advertisement that I chose was explicitly for shoes and also the retail stores that sales them. In the first particular advertisement that I chose contain two very beautiful, sexy girls that look like they're in their late teen years. They look very stunning in their short skirt and high heels. They are almost not dress because the length of their clothing and this brings out more their body feature.

This advertisement uses sexual appeal to allure the audience into fantasizing that they could look this good if they had these shoes. In the second advertisement that I chose is a beautiful woman dress in a suit with coffee and a newspaper in her hand getting ready to go to work. This advertisement is trying to suggest that wearing this shoe will give you a professional and successful image of a business woman. Although the advertisement for Steve Madden and Nicole have some similarities, a descriptive and analysis of the ads reveal that they appeal to woman of different age group and different sexuality.

In the Steve Madden advertisement the girls are show to have very sexy body, and the shoes that they wear seem to bring attention to their long legs. They are dressed like they are ready to...