Analyzing Messages

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Analyzing Messages



Analyzing Messages

Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages with attached meanings (Schermerhorn & Hunt, 2000). Source, receiver, and a communication channel are the critical elements in the communication process. The process involves a source sending a message with an intended meaning and the receiver decoding received message into a perceived meaning which may be the same or differ. The pathway through which messages are communicated is called communication channel. Communication skills are assisting people every day in their pursuit of clarity of messages they produce and understanding by others. This research paper will analyze three messages created to support my project management activity at (your company). and attempt to depict various elements that influence the outcome of communication.

Effective communication transpires when the perceived meaning of the receiver virtually matches the meaning of the source.

For any successful organization conducting domestic or global operations, good communication is a key to sustain stability and security in the market place. This is no different at (your company). With number of divisions located abroad, customers, suppliers and representatives located in different countries, communication must be single, most important element of doing business. More often than not, the communication efforts between me and my internal and external customers are successful. Nevertheless, in the past I have experienced cases of communication failure due to a breakdown in the communication process.

Message Examples

Communication process model will assist me in breaking down the following examples of messages transmitted in my work environment:

Message A: "Dear Hans Please see attached drawings. They represent our latest desired configuration. All dimensions are in inches with exception of supporting bracket. Please deliver this product per earlier agreed schedule".

I personally manage a number of projects...