Analyzing the play 'Dracula' at the Delaware Theater. Mainly opinion and proving opinions.

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Overall, the performance of Dracula at the Delaware Theatre Company was not good. On November 5th the play started right on time and fairly well. There were some really cool lighting effects such as a large moon and red lights coming out of Dracula's coffin. There was fake fog and noise effects that helped make the original set look very spooky and draw you in. The one thing that took away from feeling like you were really there were some noisy patrons sitting across the auditorium. Throughout the whole performance they were making noises themselves, getting up and leaving then coming back several times, and talking. It was extremely annoying and surprising that nothing was said to them. The stage was a classic proscenium arch and the seating was American style. I was surprised to see the small amount of seating that was provided and expected the room to be a lot bigger.

The type of reality was Idealism Romanticism and it was both representational and presentational.

There was a small cast of less then 15 actors that were in the play. Just about everyone of the parts I felt could have been cast better. When the two female leading ladies came on to the stage I was very shocked to see that one was black. I am not a prejudice person, however that one factor ended the realness of the play for me. At the time that this play was set, a black woman would not be involved with a white man in such a manor. It has been said that the casting of the actors is 80% responsible for a good play, and in this case it was awful. She was an excellent actress however her being black took away from the play. It made it not...