Analyzing Sayuri's sense of triumph throughout Arthur Golden's "Memoirs of a Geisha"

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A hero who is triumphant throughout the course of their journey in life is said to succeed in the future. In Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, Chiyo (later referred to as Sayuri) endures many obstacles to attract the Chairman’s attention, become a successful geisha and to outrun her enemy, Hatsumomo. At first, she starts off her new life as a maid who tries to run away from her miserable time at the okiya and after her encounter with the chairman at the bridge, she realizes that her life can be worth living for after all. With determination, ambition and perseverance, it is evidently shown that Sayuri portrays a sense of triumph at the conclusion of the novel.

Sayuri’s determination has helped her achieve life goals which give her the ability to become triumphant at the conclusion. Sayuri’s encounter with the chairman at the sumo match has made her determine to gather as much information as possible to increase her chances of being with the chairman.

Sayuri convinces herself and proclaims, “Now that I knew the identity of the Chairman, I began that very night to read every discarded news magazine I could find in the hopes of learning more about him.” (245). Sayuri’s determination in hopes of finding information abut the Chairman have convinced her that there is hope for a happier ending. In addition, Sayuri sets her mind tobecome closer to the chairman and in the end, the Chairman meets up with Sayuri to tell her about his feelings towards her. Moreover, they got married and began their geisha business in New York City. As a result, Sayuri has achieved the ending she has wished for with the power of determination and therefore, her sense of triumph is evident at the conclusion of the novel.

Sayuri’s ambition is evident throughout the novel and therefore, her sense of triumph is shown at the conclusion. In all novels, the protagonist will encounter the antagonist and will eventually lead to the downfall of the protagonist. Sayuri’s ambition is to outrun and embarrass Hatsumomo as much as possible and as a result, it will eliminate Sayuri’s downfall. Since Sayuri’s first encounter with Hatsumomo upon her arrival, Hatsumomo has brought miserable moments for Sayuri. For example, Hatsumomo brings home an expensive geisha gown from a well known geisha in Gion and manipulates Sayuri to vandalize the gown by means of practicing her calligraphy. Sayuri was caught returning the gown to the owner and Sayuri is severely punished for her actions. However, Sayuri’s shows ambition when she exposes Hatsumomo’s secret. She explains the story to Mother, “Hatsumomo was in the maids’ room with her boyfriend. She’s angry about something, and she’s taking it out on me.” (104). At this moment, Sayuri was framed for stealing Hatsumomo’s emerald brooch and since Sayuri is about to get punished for her actions, she told Mother about Hatsumomo’s secret affair. As a geisha, you are not permitted to have a secret affair or you get severe punishment from the owner of the okiya (Mother). Moreover, since Hatsumomo has been found guilty for her wrong doings, she is banned from seeing her partner ever again and it also ruins a small portion of her geisha career. As this weakens Hatsumomo, Sayuri is able to be ahead of the game. Therefore, Sayuri’s ambitions have leaded her to a sense of triumph that is evident at the conclusion of the novel.

With great power comes great perseverance and therefore, it is clearly evident that Sayuri is triumphant throughout the conclusion of the novel. Sayuri perseveres to great heights by means of getting the Chairman to notice her. Ever since her encounter with theChairman at the bridge, Sayuri feels that she’s has been changing from a lost girl facing a lifetime of emptiness to a girl with purpose in her life. Additionally, the Chairman and Sayuri confront each other and confess their feelings. Clearly, Sayuri has been waiting for this day and expresses to the chairman, “Every step I have taken in my life since I was a child in Gion, I have taken in the hope of bringing myself closer to you.” (485). With every step taken, Sayuri perseveres to get closer with the Chairman. Along the way, her feelings grow tremendously which inspires her to continue her quest. However, not only does Sayuri confess, the Chairman also confesses. In the end, they got married and moved to New York to start a geisha business. Sayuri’s perseverance leads her to a happy ending. Therefore, perseverance plays a huge roll for Sayuri’s victory of winning the Chairman’s love so her sense of triumph is evident at the end of the novel.

In conclusion, Sayuri’s sense of triumph is shown through her determination, perseverance and ambition throughout the conclusion of the novel. Sayuri is determine to find out more about the Chairman in order for her to attract his attention. Her admiration for the Chairman inspires her to work hard in order to become a successful geisha. Also, Sayuri’s perseverance has brought her to the point where the Chairman confesses his feelings towards her. As a result, they got married and moved to New York City. Inaddition, Sayuri’s ambition to outrun Hatsumomo has come true when she exposes Hatsumomo’s secret of having a side affair. Ever since, Hatsumomo was never able to find true love. This is an opportunity for Sayuri to be ahead of the game while Hatsumomo suffers severely due to her actions. Without determination, ambition and perseverance, Sayuri would not be able to become a successful geisha with a happy ending. Instead, she would continue living her miserable life as a maid. With great power comes a great result!Bibliography:Golden, Arthur. Memoirs of a Geisha. Missisauga: Random House, 1997.