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In a society were people depend on a central government to make their decisions, could anarchy work? Should people be left alone to live both their personal and financials the way they want to? Anarchists think so. Anarchy is the total absence of government. It's the complete opposition to the state. With anarchy there will be no Government. How do we start to become an anarchist federation? An anarchist revolution is a process, a process leading to the total deflation of government authority. Part of this process is self and collective education. "…Anarchy does not stand for military drill and uniformity; it does, however, stand for the spirit of revolt, in whatever form, against everything that hinders human growth."(Rodger Baldwin to Goldman, 4 December 1933, Emma Goldman papers. "Emma Goldman", Martha Solomon, Twane Publishers, 1987). Basically what this quote is saying is that a revolution is not going to happen by itself, and you don't to have use brute force to fight for what you believe in.

We hear government officials say they are all about law and order. Anarchists don't believe in that idea. According to one anarchist "law is not order." (Burton). Some places or countries with a lot of law have had little order. Examples of countries where there have been lots of laws but have also had large amounts of disorder are Nazi Germany or a communist country like North Korea. In fact, in these countries, the government itself is the cause of great suffering and chaos, especially against minority populations within their borders. Other places with little law have been much more orderly. Native peoples on some island nations such as Tahiti and Samoa have very few laws, but there is a great deal of peace and harmony because the people voluntarily agree...