Anatomy is Destiny;"Men and Women are Limited by their Biological Differences and the Social and Economic Divisions Between them are Necessary." An enquiry into British society as a Patriacrhy

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This statement is certainly confrontational, is clearly blinkered and appears very ‘Victorian’ in attitude. It definitely has no place in modern society where social and economic equality for all minorities is considered fundamental. The language used is itself confrontational, the use of ‘necessary’ outing the author as something close to a chauvinist functionalist. The first half of the statement does not reflect the variety of lifestyles that those in the western world are fortunate enough to be born into. The multitude of life choices available mean that women are no less held back by biological differences than men; there are very few occupations where a male or female could truly be limited to the point where they can no longer fulfil their role. Despite certain vocations being ‘traditionally’ viewed as male occupations there are really no logical reasons why a woman would not be able do the jobs that a man can.

After all, technology and Health & Safety ruling is such that physical strength is not mandatory for most jobs. For example, a plumber or electrician is a vocation that is typically thought of as male, but there is no reason why a woman should be unable to perform the tasks involved. In fact, general experience of plumbers is that they do very little at all.

There has been a drive in recent years to get more women into these roles, rather than opt for the more ‘traditionally’ female occupations like teaching and nursing, with limited success.1 The numbers of women in male dominated jobs has risen but is still nowhere near equal. The fact that society considers some jobs ‘traditionally’ male is something unavoidable, as our society has been male dominated for most of it’s existence. Although it may not seem like such a key point, this division...