Anaylsis of Remember the Titans

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When the subjects of segregation and racisim come up I think of the Pledge and what we say we do but don't actually do. It isn't enough to say that all men are created unless we live by that very fact. If all men were created equal than how come we can make laws against a cretain type of person or set higher standards to prevent those people who are different from excelling in life?

The Pledge says " nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justic for all." How can we be one nation undivisible when we separate ourselvesfrom each other just because we are different. The human race was not intended to look the same, just like snowflakes "no two are alike." As far as "with liberty abd justice for all." goes look at the past. A black man killed a white man and recieved a death sentance, and a white man killed a black man and recieved barely any jail time and walk free to carry on his life.

Do you honestly think the punishment was fair and equal for the same crime?!

I know you parents of high school football players think that if a black boy wanted and tried out for the team that they would be given your son's position just because he is new and black and the coach is black. The coach is supposed to be fair and let each player tryout and pick the one who was more qualified (in some cases the coach might be crooked but then you would have to get substantial evidence and go to the school board).

Boone had replaced Yoast because of the integration. The school needed to have some black teachers teaching in it to become fully integrated. As you have seen...