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In Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods the authors, husband and wife, attempt to bring to life the strange ancient Egyptian world by providing the daily life of the gods and the inner logic of their activities. It is a very difficult task but the au ors do succeed in inviting you into this book and intriguing your interest in this old ancient world.

Both authors make this book a unique and fascinating piece that recreates the Egyptian gods. It is brilliantly written as the authors bring you with them with ease. Immediately you feel part of the Egyptian legacy. Right at the beginning, Meeks d s this when she invites the reader into this book when she says, The reader is accordingly invited to enter the strangeness of a perception of the world totally different from his own walking right in, as it were, and taking things exactly as they come.

Making his way through the pages that follow, he will perhaps begin to appreciate the inner logic of the gods' acts and come to believe, with the Egyptians, that the gods did indeed have a daily life. (10) Throughout this book, in sections, the authors, husband and wife, recreate the characters of these Egyptian gods, their habits, relationships, conflicts and desires. Furthermore, the author explores into Egyptian traditions and routine rituals to plain the relationship of the gods to the pharaoh, who was to represent them on earth. By performing these appropriate duties, the pharaoh maintained a delicate equilibrium, balancing the world, the underworld and earth itself. The significance of d iding the book into sections gives a novice reader a basic understanding of the Egyptian god's power, structure, needs, pleasures and the Egyptian community. Although, a lot of information is seemingly being packed with gods,