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When comparing and evaluating any ancient art we must first understand the meaning. According to the textbook ancient art means an era that can be traced, chronologically, from the early times to the most recent times (Sayre: A World of Art). After doing a research in the Louvre Museum and the Smithsonian Institution Freer Gallery I came across two beautiful art forms The Python (c. 350 – 340 BCE) from the Louvre Museum and the Funerary Relief Bust (c. 231 BCE) from the Smithsonian Institution Freer Gallery.

Out of these two works of art, my first art work is the Python which to me is a favorite. The Python (c. 350 – 340 BCE) was a re-portrayed by the painter Python. This work of are calyx krater, a structural red clay figure technique. According to the details Python has chosen to revisit a mythological theme that was portrayed twice by his master Asteas (Classical Greek Art, 2008).

Paestan vases were influenced by Sicilian painters and potters. The content of the Python is based on the mythical Cadmus and the Snakes. The legend has it that Cadmus wanted to avenge his many companions who had been massacred by the snaked and fought the snake and killed it.

The subject matter of the Python is the very slender bowl is Cadmus, who is naked except for the piece that is covering his shoulders, a hat and the shoes on his feet. He has a pointed spear in his left hand and a rock or stone in his right hand as he prepares to fight the snake which wares up in front of a mound of rock and trees (Classical Greek Art: Description, 2008). The bust of a number of divinities dominates the picture as well.

For the second...