Ancient Chinese Entertainment

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Many of the modern games originated in China thousands of years ago! Well, it's true. Back then, noble Chinese ladies and gentlemen played games and had various kinds of entertainment. Hunting, Polo, and a type of football were just some of the more active games. The ancient Chinese also had quieter games. One ancient game called Liu Po was played long ago. Although the rules of this game were lost to modern times, it is known that it consisted of 6 game pieces, which the player moved around on a board. Other games such as Parcheesi, Chess, and Backgammon are still played today.

Poor people enjoyed storytelling and gambling. The Chinese played card games, board games and chess. Frequently, bets would be placed on the games. In the Chinese game of mah-jong, players use small tiles with pictures or symbols on them instead of cards. Mah-jong is similar to the game of Rummy.

The wealthy hunted and raced horses. They grew and arranged flowers. They grew miniature trees (bonsai). Dogs were popular pets of the rich. A poor family might have a songbird or a cricket in a cage.

Juggling was a common form of entertainment. The ancient Chinese loved entertainment. People who could afford it loved to attend theatre and magic shows. They enjoyed watching acrobatics and martial arts displays. Dancing and musical instruments were popular. Theatre was often used to tell stories and to spread religious teachings. Actors wore bright costumes. Their lines were often written as poetry and they frequently sung their lines (Chinese opera). The theatre used very few scenery props.

Wealthy people spent their leisure hours practicing calligraphy, composing poetry, or listening to music.

Kite flying, wrestling, horse racing, and cock fighting were outdoors recreations enjoyed by all Chinese. Cock fighting is a...