Ancient Egypt.

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Egypt played a huge role in the eight features of early civilization. The eight features of early civilization are social system, complex religions, centralized government, arts and architecture, public works, cities, job specialization and writing. Egypt is considered one of the best civilizations because of its continuous cultural evolution. In early times, Egyptian civilization impacted history through architecture, medicine, and weapons.

With weapons, the Egyptians impacted a great deal in history. The Egyptians started the many weapons which are still used today. Many of the most common ones were the javelin, the bow and arrow, and the slingshot which were used for hunting. The first drawings of the invention of those weapons date back to 20th century BCE. The Egyptians were also the first to invent chariots with wheels and horses to pull and the pharos used them during wars.

Through architecture, archeologists till this day are learning very important information regarding Egyptians and their way of life which is very important.

The designs tell us information concerning the pharaohs, the gods, the common people and the natural world of plants, birds and animals. Archeologists and engineers still wonder to this day how they were built and how they were built to make to the sunlight gleam through each window at different parts of the days.

Ancient Egyptians impacted history through medicine. The doctors of ancient Egypt combined magic spells with medicine. By forming mummification, they learned a lot on the human body which helped them cure illnesses. If a person fell sick, the illness was thought to be caused by the anger of the gods or by an evil spirit that had entered the body. Both priests and doctors were called upon to heal the sick, combining their powers and skills to fix the problem. Through Egyptian technology,