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Loan Inquiry Evaluation

Mystery Evaluation Guidelines Updated on 02/09/2013

About the Shop Your assignment is to go to the specified bank branch and speak with a representative about an automotive

loan. During your shop, you will interact with a representative at the bank in order to obtain information

about an auto loan. However, you will not go through the process of applying and/or obtaining the loan.

When you submit your shop, you need to submit a business card from the representative that you interact

with at the bank. The representative should offer their business card to you during your shop; only ask for a

business card at the end of the interaction if they have not already offered it. We want to know if they offer

the business card to you on their own.

Shop Specifics It is important that you drive to the bank and attempt to park in the bank's designated parking lot (or as close

to the bank as possible). You will be evaluating the availability of parking at the bank.

As you walk inside the bank, note whether an employee greets you as you enter. If there is an employee

stationed near the door, do not immediately ask this person for help as we want to find out if the employee

greets you on their own. If you are not greeted, find someone to talk to about opening a new checking


The bank's name is not Ratewatch. IntelliShop has partnered with RateWatch, a company that collects data

on the financial industry. However, the name of the actual bank you are shopping will have a different name.

Before you go on your shop, please open the report and find the link below:

After following that link, you will see...