Ancient Egypt Empathy Task

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2024 B.C Middle KingdomYesterday, which was July 29th 2009, I was sent through time to research Ancient Egypt and it’s change and continuity from the present. Here is how my journey went.

I stepped out of the time capsule and I saw farmers working on the fields and small children doing their daily chores. In the present there are a lot less farmers and a lot of small children no longer need to do daily chores. I was in a small brick house and as I was hiding I watched the farmer’s wife making wheat into bread. It looked liked I was in a poor family’s house. It had no furniture and only one mat, I found one basket filled with the farmer’s clothes. The bricks seemed to be made of mud and chopped straw. I then decided I had done enough sightseeing around the house and I wanted to explore Ancient Egypt.

Fields of crops stood in front of me as I watched the farmers sweating and working hard. In the distance I could see pyramids and realised that I was in the city of Cairo. I spotted the Sphinx statue and The Great Pyramid of Giza in the distance. These statues can still be sighted in the present. The Nile River was one hundred metres in front of me. I then saw a big house and I decided that I would venture into it.

An Egyptian in dirty, ripped clothes walked past and I suspected that this was a nobleman’s house. I thought to myself that luckily there are no more servants in the present. I frowned as I remembered that there are still rich and poor people that are suffering. I saw a cabinet stuffed with clothes and a cosmetic box lying on a bench. I...