Ancient Egypt Trasportation

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Ancient Egypt Transportation

Topic sentence -

In ancient Egypt transportation was a major factor in economics, walking, animals, chariots and ships were the most significant forms of transportation.

Walking Egyptians walked by foot

used walking sticks

Walked in sandals

Lower classmen walk to trade goods

Animals used to transport goods for trade

Common animals used




Chariots horse drawn transportation

Very fast method of transportation

Used by upper class men and Pharaohs

Transportation for meeting and entertainment

Ships Used in the Nile River

Made of wood with sails

Used with oars transport people and goods.

Nile River had Ferry Boats

Used to transport people


Transportation was a major economic factor in ancient Egypt. Common forms of transportation included, the use of animals, walking, chariots and ships. Walking being the most common form of transportation played a key role in everyday Egyptian life. Animals were used for transportation of goods to trading post and sometimes even used as rides.

Chariots were horse drawn methods of transportation, only used by those who could afford it, and ships were used to transport goods and people through the Nile River.

Walking in Egypt

No matter what class someone was born into walking was the most common form of transportation? Most often males walked to trading post to trade goods. Ancient Egyptians walked with a walking stick and sandals made of papyrus. The walking stick was also used as a weapon against potential robbers. Ancient Egyptians walked to trading post to trade and sell goods and to obtain items they needed for their families. Some items traded in ancient Egypt were, papyrus linen and grains.

Animals and transportation

Common animals used for transportation were horses, donkeys and oxen. Horses were used to haul large loads of good to...