About the Ancient Egyptian Religion and personal thoughts on how it compares to our lives today.

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Egypt. The sphinx, pyramids, temples, and golden statues. People who built entire empires on dunes of sand and prospered for thousands of years. Is it enough to know they were here? That they created wonders of the new world and valued death as much as life? Though they are gone, their beliefs, their lives are forever imprinted in the sand and in our hearts.

Their beliefs were simple: everyone regardless of age, sex, race, or rank was important and played a role in the circle of life. No creature was insignificant and everything deserved respect. The kings were gods and had huge temples and statues made in their honor. The pyramids were built in honor of these kings, not only as a resting place for their physical bodies, but also as a stairway into the heavens.

As with most other religions, the Egyptians had immortal deities to watch over them.

Their human and celestial forms were painted in tombs, along with prayers and poems, for protection in the afterlife, and statues created in their honor to celebrate and worship them in life. The Goddess Isis is in the crypts of several kings such as Rameses III and Amenhotep II. Known as the Divine Mother, she was the most sacred of all the deities because of her eternal love and devotion to all creatures of the world. Even today you can still feel her power of love and warmth washing over us in a protective cocoon.

The Egyptians also believed in a world after our death from this world. On the walls of tombs and a scroll named; "The Book of the Dead," they write of a place where our spirits are judged for their good deeds and, if deemed worthy, are made immortal like the gods and will have all...