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The Greek Civilization as a whole was very successful and had many positive qualities that helped them achieve their goals throughout the period of which they possessed so much power and high standing. If I had to take into account all the different aspects of their own civilization (Geography, Food Source, Culture, Permanent Settlements, Government, Economy) I would rate them on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, and give them an eight. The Greek Civilization has earned this rating because every different aspect of their society had excelled beyond the other societies living in their era. For example, the Greeks were the first to experiment successfully with the idea that citizens could govern themselves which was known as being a Democracy. This was an idea that the United States and many other countries have adopted and refined.

Greece kept themselves organized by forming settlements which were called city states or Polises.

These "mini towns" all had the same aspects in common with each other. Each had an Acropolis (a hill in the center of town with other temples and buildings), a small population, very small acreage, and a market or "Agora." Using this system, Greece was able to keep very well organized and stay successful for a large number of years. Greeks used the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Ionian seas to their advantage. Fish was their main food source as well as other seafood. Sheep was the meat eaten most. The main grains they harvested were wheat and barley. Greece had the perfect climate to grow olives on olive trees. Grapes too, were harvested. As you can see, all of this food mentioned is very healthy and this is one reason why Greeks lived so long and stayed so healthy. Some people today even say eating...