Ancient Greek religion

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Ancient Greek Religion

Do you want to be treated as a God and have people love you and treat you decently, respect you, follow you, and believe in you? Well let's take a trip to Ancient Greece and explore their beliefs. The book of Homer Odyssey talk about many gods that ancient Greeks believed many years ago before Jesus Christ. Their religion was different from any other religion because they believed in many gods. Christian believe in only one God and his son Jesus Christ. But we all know according to the Bible that God created the world, which included humans, animal, water, air, trees, earth etc. in our world existed the good and the bad. In contrast according to the ancient Greeks they believe in many gods, such as, god of the earth, water, love, wisdom, heaven etc. which is basically the same thing but they believe different gods were in charge of every single object in the earth and the Christians believe only one god is in charge of everything.

Let's just focus in the Ancient Greeks religion, in who they believe, what was their names, what was the relationship between humans and gods, where they practice their beliefs, what happen to them when they die?

The names of the gods were Zeus (the father of the Gods), Poseidon (god of the sea ad earthquake), Hermes (messenger), Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty), Apollo (god of sun and light), Ares (god of war), Athena (daughter of Zeus and goddess of wisdom) and others. The

Greeks had a god for every occurrence of nature and for every condition or abstract thought, and they were responsible for duly worshipping each in order to avoid the anger of any god or goddess that...