Ancient History- Rome.

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Augustus Caesar's rise to power and transformation of the Roman Republic into the great Empire was able to

happen because of his great ability to gain support from his military soldiers, the senate, and the people. His

relationship with each varied, but ultimately lead to him becoming known as the creator of the Roman Empire.

Through the gaining of well timed support from the senate, and retaining popularity with his army and the people

he was able to gain the political power needed in order to give Rome the opportunity of changing into the Empire it

came to be.

Octavian was born on September 23, 63 B.C.E. His great-uncle was Julius Caesar and, therefore, he had many

political connections in Rome. Caesar favored Octavian from an early age. Octavian joined Caesar in 46 B.C.E. on

a campaign against Pompey in Spain. Later, Octavian was sent to Apollonia, on the coast of Greece, to attempt to

finish his education.

Only months after arriving in Apollonia, Octavian learned that Caesar was murdered. He also

learned that he was named as the beneficiary in Caesar's will and had been formally adopted as his son. The will

thrust tremendous power on Octavian. He was now the leader of a great army ready to follow the commands of

Caesar's heir.

Augustus's ability to be tactful and patient was one of the main reasons he gained enough power to fully solidify

Rome as a world power and one of the greatest Empire's in world history. Augustus was quite modest in receiving

titles and accolades, which won him the approval of the senate and by the people. By refusing titles early in his

political career, he was perceived to be honest and his intentions to be in the best interest of the Republic and not...