Ancient Indian Architecture

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Architecture has played an important role in the Indian culture. These artworks render creativity and artwork and also portray the culture, hard work, and religion. Ancient Indian architecture can be divided among the different religions and civilizations. These architectural achievements are now one of the main attractions which attract tourists to India from all over the world.

Harappan Architecture (1500BC- 230BC)

Harappans, Indus Valley Civilization, believed in a "utilitarian" form of architecture rather than "aesthetic". They believed in simple architecture which could be utilized in everyday life and which also served a purpose while it remained simple whereas the latter built works of beauty which were usually built to impress.

A common Harappan house consisted of two floors made of baked bricks and the center, which was courtyard, was enclosed on the four sides by rooms. These houses were constructed in a way that the windows and doors were opposite to the street.

The reason why they did this is unknown, but their cities were well planned; they had streets and a covered system of sewage. Between the time of the Harappan Civilization and the Mauryan Empire, texts and writings found by archeologists talk about great architectural structures and palaces. The reason why is yet unknown, but there are two possible possibilities: either archeologists haven't come across the correct site, or the great structures were made of perishable goods such as wood or clay. During this time period, stone wasn't widely available whereas wood was, so this had led archeologists to believe that over the course of time, the wood/clay structures have discinigrated due to undesirable conditions.

Mauryan Empire

The earliest evidence/ traces of the Mauryan Empire come from a pillared hall which was discovered from Ashoka's palace in Patna. The pillars were made of stone, and archeologists beganto see...