"Ancient Rome" Tells about some things they made and some famous rulers.

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Rome is a land of wonders. They gave us and created many things we still use today. this essay talks about what we got from Rome, what they invented, rulers, and more.

One important thing they invented was architecture. Rome invented the dome, which is used to strengthen walls and buildings. Also, they were the first inventors of concrete, which they used (along with pebbles, crushed rock, and gravel) to make the Roman roads. These roads stretched from everywhere in Rome to everywhere else. These roads lasted hundreds, even thousands of years, and are still there now.

One great creation still in use today was called aquaducts. These were large tunnel like things that carried water over moutains, through valleys and towns to get to Rome when drought was upon them.

The Roman government was very much like the Greek's democracy.

DEMOCRACY = citizen's make there own laws

REPUBLIC = citizens elect leaders to decide laws for them, but change leaders whenever necesary.

The rupublic's law making council was called the Senate while the Greek's democracy's council was called the assembly.

Patricians were Roman citizens with power, property and money. All male patricians could go to the senate. Plebians were free citizens, but were farmers, merchants, etc. with no money. Every year 8 plebians (elected by the plebians) would go to the senate and make laws according to the plebian rights. These people were called Tribunes.

Some famous leaders were Julius Ceaser and his nephew Octavian. Ceaser was a great general and who people loved. They soon made him a dictator. When Julius started wearing purple robes, the senate killed him becuase they believed he wanted to become king. Octavian was a famous general named Augustus, or Greatness, and ruled for many years. While he ruled they...