Ancient Wisdom: To Enjoy Your Life

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No country on earth has a population as diverse and a culture as varied as the United States. It is this very diversity that makes American life as complicated as it is. Over the course of several centuries, immigrants from all over the world came to the United States and brought their own cultures and traditions. The tradition of immigration continues today, creating vital new American communities, and also creating challenges and problems. As an immigrant, I feel that also. I have been here for one year, during this year, one thing keeps in my mind until I met Mr. Lee who was reading newspaper and enjoying drinking tea is: I hate here.

Mr. Lee has ever been in wars in China, which made his family broke. But he has not been so sad, at least he is not sad right now. He has been in the USA for not a long time, but only 1 year, and he has already been used to it! The exploits of Mr. Lee during his lifetime shake my heart immediately.

How can Mr. Lee do it? Why I can't do it like Mr. Lee? Finally he taught me one thing: to enjoy your life, although it is good or bad, try to accept it.

Acceptance is one of the most important things in our lives. Human being cannot live without acceptance, just like fish cannot live without water. On one hand, our world cannot be perfect, our lives cannot be as good as we desire either; on the other hand, we all want to live more wonderful, let our lives be filled with color. But there must be some obstacles on the way of the roads of our lives, therefore, we should open our hearts, try to accept some, even all!...