How and did the American colonies in New England develop differently from those in the Mid-Atlantic/Southern states?

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Jamestown was first settled by the English in the 17th century. Many people had high expectations for it and invested their time and money into the Virginia Company. Unfortunately, it was a complete failure for the first 10 years. Harsh living conditions such as having to drink unhealthy water, living around swamps, harsh weather, along with attacks from the territorial Algonquians wiped out 46 of the first 105 settlers by the end of the first summer. The new settlers were led by their Captain, John Smith. Smith wrote books about his adventures in America; however his honesty was questioned in his final book where he told of a woman named Pocahontas saving him. As the story goes, John Smith was captured by Indians, they were going to beat and kill him until the king's daughter; Pocahontas told them to stop and saved Smith. This story can't be verified because he was the only living witness by the time it was told.

Even if it its true, it's possible that Pocahontas saving him was a part of the ceremony. By January when new settlers arrived, they only found 38 of the original settlers alive. This was blamed on the original form of government, which was a council of 13 men. The council didn't take orders and often fought amongst themselves. A new charter was formed that put the control in hands of a governor. However, this new charter didn't prove to make things any better, because 10 years after the first landing, not much had changed. Jamestown was described as a "slum in the wilderness." Of the 2,000 settlers since 1607, only 400 remained alive, and with the unhealthy living conditions and diseases going around, only 200 were healthy enough to farm. A dramatic change was needed, and this came when...