And Justice for All

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Lindsey Silva

J. Clark

English 101-8

September 15, 2014

And Justice for All

Punishment stems from our parents, our mom or dad or maybe even both,

and their learnings stem from their parents. They would lecture, about the rights

and wrongs. So when a child grows up, maybe steals a pack of gum at age five,

something petty, they get away with it, get a thrill because they were never caught.

That small, minor theft turns into something a little larger over time, each time as

they grow. That frivolous pack of gum has grown into a larger larceny, maybe

grand theft, or robbing a bank, eventually leading to murder, this is known as 'the

progressive effect'.

Most of us have a moral compass, so what should happen if that compass

breaks? What is the purpose of punishment? The fundamental principal of justice

is that the punishment should fit the crime.

When one plans and brutally rapes or

murders another, doesn't it make sense that the punishment for the culprit be

equal to their crime? I believe in capital punishment, it is beneficial for society as a

whole. Capital punishment provides a strong deterrence against future crimes.

Capital punishment protects the rights of victims and saves costs of tax payers.

The death penalty is a legal appropriate measure in the U.S. legal system.

In a perfect world, there would be no serious predatory crime, none enough

to have heated debates concerning capital punishment anyway. But this world is

not perfect, and unfortunately we do have offenders who just have no place in this

world. Today, one of the most controversial, debated issue within the Criminal

Justice system is the use of capital punishment, also known as, the death penalty.

As stated in; 'Thirty-two states hold the death penalty as...