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And Then There Where None: A Suspenseful Mystery And Then There Were None is a mystery written by Agatha Christie. This story takes place on Indian Island off the coast of Devon, England. Ten people were trapped on the island, all ten were murdered, but the last person to die did not commit the murders. The author has created an effective mystery story with a suspenseful plot.

All ten guest were invited to Indian Island by a U.N. Owen. All ten recieved a letter asking them to attend the hotel on Indian Island. The suspicious thing is that none of the characters have seen U.N. Owen. As the characters start geting murdered one by one, the remaining characters figure out that U.N Owen spells out unown. Then they come up with the conclusion that one of the 10 guest is U.N.Owen. Now no one can be trusted and everybodys' life is in danger.

Agatha Christie used rising and complicating action to create a well written twisted mystery plot. When the murders happen, a main suspect is discovered.All the clues point to that one suspect. Once the characters come to their final conclusion that that suspect did it, the suspect is murdered. Then they have to go through the same process all over again. Mrs. Rogers was killed by a sleeping medicine. Emily brent was killed by a syringe with poison in it. Both the medecine and syringe were brought by Dr. Armstrong. All clues pointed to him and he was about to be accused of the murders, but he is murdered. Mr. Lombard brought the revolver to the island. That same revolver was used to kill Justice Wargrave and himself. Ofcoarse, he dies.

Each clue points to a specific person who looks guilty, but then they are murdered.

The murderer used two props to follow his murders. In every guests' room was a poem called "Ten Little Indians." Each time someone would die, the way they were murdered followed the verses in the poem.One verse of the poem says, seven little indian boys chopping up sticks; one chopped himslf in halves and then there were six. Mr. Rogers was murdered by an ax, like in the poem. Another verse says, six little indian boys playing with a hive; a bumblebee stung one and then there were five. A syringe was used to kill Emily Brent, following the poem again. There was one more crucial prop. On the dining room table were ten little glass indians. Every time someone would die, one indian would be smashed. The ten glass indians represented the ten guest on Indian Island.

All ten characters were tricked into coming to Indian Island for their deaths.The tenth person to die did not commit the murders, exzactly what the real murderer had planned. The murderer has a sick twisted mind to use the "Ten Little Indians" poem as a basis of murdering his victims.The murderer wanted to create the perfect crime, one that could not be solved.