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Agatha Christie's, And Then There Were None is a chilling mystery about a group of people who were invited to an island and got killed off one by one via an unknown being during their stay. The group invited to this peaceful and tropical island all had one thing in common; they had each committed a deadly crime, which the court could not dispense justice upon. For example: One night, a lady was brought into a hospital needing a simple surgery. Dr. Armstrong was present and performed the operation. Little did any one know, that at the time Dr. Armstrong was under the influence of alcohol and did not have the ability to execute the task. He made a fatal mistake during the operation, resulting in the patient's death. Each guest committed a similar crime to this one. They die one by one as their dark pasts are revealed.

When all ten guests arrived on the island they noticed that their host was nowhere to be found.

One stormy evening while everyone was sitting around the fire of the luxurious mansion, sipping tea and coffee, there came the sound of a droning PA announcer. It accused each guest of a murder and then went silent. Everyone thought that the host was playing a silly practical joke and would soon introduce himself. During the accusations, one of the guests fainted and everyone rushed to her aid. In the midst of all this commotion the host slipped a lethal amount of poison into Anthony Martison's beverage and then joined the scene. The guest drank it and died instantly. Now people were getting suspicious.

The following days people were getting killed one by one, some by poison, some by drowning, and some by axes and pipes. This is how one of brutal murders...