How and why did the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the US entry in World War

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The start of World War ²T was the reiterate of the imperial era, back in the middle of19th century. The European power was decolonizing and the whole objective of this war was to gain more land. Most of the countries were not satisfied with their land. However this war was thought to be a short war but because of various circumstances, it took the war 4years to finally finish. Also, the number of soldiers that was sent to war was 60 million people and the number of dead soldiers was over 10million people. As you can see by the number of soldiers; most soldiers died if there were sent to war. This will tell that it was a different war than the war people experienced before. Therefore, the study of World War ²Tis worth examining because it has changed the way of war and was the first battle that made the most develops of technology.

However, the important point of this war was what made the affection in course of the war. Indeed there are many points of affection in course of the war; consequently, it will limit it self to the affection in how the war had ended and how it made the turning point of the war. Because there was unlimited desire of wants to expand their land, every country was willing to continue the war, even though their hope was to finish the war as soon as possible. There are, of course, many factors involved but in general there were three main reasons why it ended the war and why it turned the course of the war; US entry in war generally made the war finish earlier, Germany isolation in war also made the war earlier and Russian Revolution made the turning point in the course of...