The Andalite Chronicles

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My favorite book is the Animorphs. I collected almost every book that ever came out that has to do with Animorphs. Animorphs is written by K. A. Applegate. She wrote about twenty-two books. She wrote nineteen Animorphs books, two Megamorphs, and one Andalite Chronicles.

The first Animorphs book is called The Invasion. This book tells you how it all started. It all started when five ordinary kids left the mall and took a shortcut through the construction site. The five kids are Jake, Marco, Tobias, Cassie, and Rachel. Suddenly, a spaceship landed and out came an alien. The spaceship was an andalite fighter, and the alien was an Andalite prince. The Andalite prince, called Elfangor, warned the five kids that earth is in grave danger. Andalites talk with their thoughts, which they called thought speech. Thought speech can be sent to only one person or you can send it to everyone in the room.

They also created a technology called morphing, which made them the perfect spies. Elfangor told the five kids the yeerks are coming.

Yeerks are parasites that go into your ear canal and wrap themselves around your brain. After a little while, the yeerk controls you. It can see your thoughts and make you do things you do not want to do. Yeerks make slaves out of living things that have a brain. The andalites called the slaves, "Controllers." Elfangor was dying and cannot get the Time Matrix to save the earth. The Time matrix is a time machine that takes you back and forward in time. Elfangor could not save the earth from the back and forward in time. Elfangor could not save the earth from the yeerks. So he gave the five kids morphing powers. To morph into a living thing, you must absorb their DNA. After absorbing its DNA, you must picture the living thing in your mind to morph into it. Every time you morph, you have a time limit. If you stay in a morph more than two hours, you stay in it forever.

Elfangor was later killed by Visser Three while protecting the five kids. Visser Three is the only Andalite-Controller. A visser is like a general to the yeerks. Each visser have its own mission. Visser Three's mission is to take over earth. The five kids use their morphing powers to battle the yeerks. They attacked the yeerk pool, destroyed all their plans, and made more than a thousand yeerks crazy.

In book number four, the Animorphs found out there is an Andalite in the ocean who is sending a distress signal. Unfortunately, Visser Three hear the signal also and sent more than forty Human-Controllers to investigate. The Animorphs morph into dolphins and swam to their destination except Tobias because he is trapped in the body of a hawk. They found the Andalite in a big dome and found out he is Elfangor's little brother. His name was Aximilli, but the Animorphs call him Ax for short.

These books are exciting and you never know what will happen next. I think these books are the greatest. I hope you will like them too.