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Andrea Yates was born on July 2, 1964 in Houston, Tex. She graduated from Milby High School in Houston in 1982. She was class valedictorian, captain of the swim team and an officer in the Nation Honour Society. She completed a two-year pre-nursing program at the University of Houston and then graduated in 1986 from the University Of Texas School Of Nursing. She worked as a registered nurse at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center from 1986 until 1994. Andrea wasn't known to have dated anyone until the age of 23. Following a recent break up she met Russell at an apartment complex in 1990, she was 28 years old. They fell in love and married on April 17. 1993, and in about a year they had their first of five children. Oddly enough, the children were all given bible names: Noah, John, Paul, Luke and the youngest Mary.

For a time in Andrea's life, she and her husband sold their home and began living in a 350 square-foot bus as suggested by Michael Woroniecki; a prominent character in this case, as it is believed that some of Andres psychosis was stemmed from his constant criticism and suggestion of her not being pure in the eyes of God. In the fall of 1999, however, Andrea and Russell purchased 1,620 - square foot home, where the tragedy would soon follow.

On June 20th, 2001, Andrea Yates drowned her five kids, one by one. Andrea laid the four boys on a bed nearby and covered them with a sheet while Marry floated in the bathtub water. She rushed to the phone, called Russell, and instructed him to come home immediately. Andrea then called the police, and when they arrived she confessed to drowning her five children. She claimed that she...