Andres Captured

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Task; to create an alternate chapter for the book 'Talking in Whisphers'

The truck pulled to a halt, everyone jolting forwards before lurching back against the cold iron benches mounted onto the walls of the truck. Wire ties bound the hands of the prisoners - trussed up like animals awaiting their death. There was a cold, subdued atmosphere of depression and submission; they knew they had met their end, the bitter wind blustered through the tough canvas structure - circled around their feet; almost as if the hounds of hell were already gnawing at their ankles.

Andres looked around himself, dark silhouettes of the other prisoners loomed around him - silent prayers echoed in his ears, a sound of women screaming and the sudden crack of a bullet - an end of a life, another countless slaughter mirrored in his watering eyes. His mind flashed back suddenly to the moment when he was captured...Why?

How was he captured so easily? The thought drilled deeper into the back of his mind, manifesting itself, a cancer spreading throughout him - punishing himself more mentally than the CNI could ever do harm to him physically.

The time had come, Andres knew it - a commotion erupted around the truck, sounds of soldier's boots on hard gravel surrounded the area, casting shadows through the light canvas skin of the walls. Guns were being cocked, the sound of a last chance before the final bullet strikes. Andres breathed deep, he focused his mind; he was cool and content, think about the days before the war, think about the days after, this is just a day....he repeated to himself methodically.

Suddenly without warning the canvas doors on the back of the truck ripped open - casting great chasms of light, penetrating the darkness of the...