Andres Santa Cruz

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Andres Santa Cruz

Andres Santa Cruz was a Bolivian solider. He was also commander, chief and other things. But among all the things he was he was a Bolivian President.

He was born in La Paz. He was born in 1792. He died in Sainte Nazaire that is in France. It was 1865 when he died, so he lived to be 73. That is pretty good. Because I doubt Ill live to get that old.

Andres Santa Cruz came from the Peruvian. Well that's were his mother was from. When he was a kid he always wanted to help people out. So he went to the military in Spanish to better himself. He worked his way up to lieutant. But when he and his army defeated General O'Reily on December 6, 1820 he moved on to something better. He went over to the patriots then. He was in the battle of Pichincha that was on May 25, 1822.

When he got into this he go moved up to brigadier. Which is very good after all this is when he started to become political. At this time also he was commander in chief. He was called by Bolivar to Lima and was chief of staff of the army. He went to Chili on a mission and moved up to military chief. After Sucre left as executive of Bolivia Santa Cruz was elected president on December 31, 1828. This was awkward because it was almost the begging of a new year. But I guess that's when they elected their officials.

Well anyway Santa Cruz was a dictator when he was in office. While in office he got many things done like, reforms and made the army bigger. There were many people who tried to avoid being in the army so he did...