Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson(1767 -> 1845), a poor boy born and raised in the backwoods settlement of the Carolinas in 1767, had little to no education before taking on the reading of law for approximately two years in his late teen years. Following the two years of law, Jackson grew to be a highly distinguished and skillful young lawyer within the regions of Tennessee. He had one problem though, he was extremely jealous with his own honor, thus engaged in many fights, one of which resulted in the death of his opponent whom had launched an uncalled for insult of his wife Rachel. He came from having nothing at all, to prospering sufficiently in which he was able to purchase slaves and construct a mansion, which later became known as the Hermitage, located near Nashville, then continued on to becoming a military mastermind posting outstanding victories such as the battle of New Orleans against the British, and finally being elected the 7th president of the United States by popular vote after winning the second of two vigorously fought election campaigns in 1829.

Andrew Jackson, through seeking to be a direct representative of the common man, created unity and growth in the United States.

Serving briefly in the Senate, and being the first man elected from Tennessee to the house of representatives, Andrew Jackson was also a major general in the war of 1812. Nearing the end of the war, Jackson became a national and much decorated military hero, due to his strategies used in a huge victory against the British in the battle of New Orleans. Later, in 1824, political factions of some states began to rally around him, who had then become known as "Old Hickory". By the time 1828 had come, Jackson had enough state political factions supporting...