Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson.

By Robert Remini ( Harper Perennial, New York, NY, 1999.

PP. Ix + 225. Contents, Acknowledgements, Chronology, Notes, Bibliography, Index. $11.)

Andrew Jackson by Robert Remini was not the type of book I would normally and it was definitely not my favorite book but I did learn many things that I fell were important about Jackson. Remini covers very wide and various aspects of Jackson's life. Remini covers everything from Jackson's childhood, to him being a lawyer, to him being a politician. Jackson also becomes a very well known hero because of the Battle of New Orleans.

Remini bring great detail about Jackson's life throughout the whole book. He discusses his childhood in A Roaring, Rollicking Fellow, and tells you how he overcome great deals of grievances. Remini as an author, I feel bring detail into the book that was not as necessary as most, and left out important information that everyone should know about Jackson.

Remini fails to mentions the flaws the he makes throughout his life. Remini brings great description tab out Jackson and his attitude. I personally feel that if I was to know Jackson I would not like him. Jackson was a man that was boastful and rude to the ones he looked down open. I do agree with Remini about Jackson, I do feel that he was a hero of The War of 1812. Throughout the book details were brought into the smaller and lease important scenes of the book compared to the more important parts, I feel that Remini could have contributed less details to the small parts and more to the larger more important parts. Remini brings you on a journey through Jackson's life as he is telling about his childhood, from being a lawyer in Tennessee, to becoming a...