Andrew Jackson, The 7th President Of The U.S.

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Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States of America, the 1st President of a new era in American democracy. Andrew Jackson was seen as ?stately and elegant?, and at the same time was seen by poor frontier farmers as ?one of the people?. That was much of the attraction of Andrew Jackson. The United States was growing tremendously during this particular time and the interests of the American people were becoming of the most concern, especially the lower class population. Jackson was able to reach to those people, and as a result was strongly supported by many.

The election of 1828 witnessed a national political change. It ended the domination by the Jeffersonian Democrats of national politics. New parties were soon established; the Democratic Party (Jackson) and the Whig party (Clay). Since the beginning of colonization in the thirteen colonies the American people had been lead by different government systems and leaders that proved to be no more then a tyrannical movement filled with absolutism, oppression, and dictatorship.

During the times of colonization the American Political powers were not held in the terrestrial front of America but rather the parliament Hill of London, England, where decisions where made regardless of the best interests of the people in the United States. The British were defeated in a heroic bloodshed that led to American independence. In a similar situation during Jackson?s uprising as a militia commander and political leader, the lower class end and the poor frontier farmers of the west felt as though they were being treated as once the colonies of America felt when the British had supremacy over the land. The government was a system run by the elite and rich whose only recognition was made pertaining to their own. The poor were ignored immensely. Andrew...