Andrew Jackson was an efficent PResident who redefines American Democracy

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At President Andrew Jackson's funeral, Jackson's pet parrot had to be removed from the service because it would frequently curse. Jackson once attempted to beat up a man who had shot two bullets at him and missed. Jackson once forced his men to hike a long journey through the woods. A solider said, "He is tough." Another solider replied, "Tough as hickory." These events give insight into Jackson's character. Jackson led the nation, strong, determined, with a fiery temper and a desire to reform American Democracy and decrease the influence of aristocracy in the government. Jackson contributed greatly towards the redefinition of American Democracy through his principle of the common man. Jackson argued for the common man, a more radical view than Jeffersonian Democracy, that the people were the best judge. Jackson made it clear that his government's priority was to fulfill the will of the people. Jackson performed his duty as a national leader with the support of the masses and the confidence of the people and his party.

Jackson was the first President to be nominated by his political party. Jackson also followed a spoils system, which would relieve government officials of their job after rotations and would consistently keep a party from gaining too much power. Jackson also denied the recharter of the National Bank because it was "a tool of the rich." Jackson stared down South Carolina's nullification by threatening to send troops in. Jackson was outraged that SC had gone against the will of the people. Andrew Jackson set a new course for democracy, one where democracy was more directly influenced by the will of the people.