Andrew Jackson (news Article)

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Andrew Jackson As A President.

Today in the Washington Times we have a story for you. Do you agree with Jackson in office? Well today we will tell you all about him being elected into office and all the changes in political, social, and economic life since the election of our new president. Also to determine the nature of our new president we will explain the pros and cons of his idea of the spoils system. Also we shall determine if he did what was right during the nullification crisis as well as the crisis over state's rights and the tariff of abominations.

Andrew Jackson was elected into office in 1828. His biggest opponent was that of Henry Clay who had beat him the previous year. Now we shall go a little more in depth with his previous loss. In 1824 he had lost to Clay in congress. Jackson had 48% of the popular vote but it did not exceed 50% which is the amount you have to have to go into office.

Because of this, the election went into congresses hands. Henry Clay being a power-hungry fool made a bargain with a powerful speaker on congress to persuade congress to decide himself. Because of this Henry won and in return he turned the speaker into a member of his cabinet. Later this deal became known as the corrupt bargain. The next year people symphonized Jackson because they knew he would've probably won so he won the popular vote the next year.

Jackson has become a strong president and well respected by his nation because instead of growing up rich he grew up differently than other president and actually was a common man who had become a great war hero and understood the common man and supplied their needs instead...