Andrew Jackson a true hero.

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Andrew Jackson, a president of the people, died on June 8th, 1845. Jackson died near Nashville, Tennessee, at his family estate called the Hermitage. Since Jackson's father died shortly after his birth, he had no male adult figure to look up to. This led to Jackson being a self-made man. He attended school until he was thirteen years of age before serving in the Revolutionary War. His strength of character showed itself at a young age as he defied his captors as a prisoner of war. With his reputation as a man of strong character, he was fondly nick-named "Old-Hickory".

Despite his limited primary education, he went on to become a lawyer and politician in an area that would later be known as Tennessee. Jackson left his occupation in order to serve as an army general in the war of 1812. He became a decorated national hero during his service, which aided him during his campaign for presidency.

Jackson became the 7th U.S. president in the year of 1828. Being the first president to be put in office by popular vote- other than the electoral college, he served two terms. As a strong leader, he used his powers to support the workingman, fighting Congress for the middle class and for preservation of the Union. During Jackson's years of presidency he had many accomplishments. While in office President Jackson provided a general strengthening of the presidency. He established the veto as an unqualified right of the presidency. He also established the right to make and remake the cabinet. Another accomplishment, although highly controversial, was that he opposing the national bank which strengthened nationalism in America. Jackson was concerned for the American people and this was shown through his decision not to renew the charter of the National Bank. Jackson opposed...