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Andrew Tsai 2605 Burrier Lane Tustin, CA 92782 Phone (714) 832-2660 E-mail Objective Seeking a challenging network admin or software engineering position.

Persistent, hard working, loves high-tech equipments, and works well in teams.

Certications CompTIA A+, CompTIA Net+, MCP 2000/XP, MCSE 2000/XP, CCNA, Linux LPIC I & II, CNA, Sun Solaris (pending) Experience International Consortium of Technology Prof. - Anaheim, CA Aug. 2001 -Present Network Consultant Resident Implementing and configuring Cisco 2500 and Catalyst 1900 Series routers/switches, Microsoft 2000 Advanced Servers, Novell 5.1 Servers, Sun Solaris 8 system, and Red Hat 7.x system to all function in an enterprise network. 14 hour work days to solve problems and issues regarding designing, installing, configuring, and administration of domains in an enterprise network environment.

Rutilus Software Inc. - Irvine, CA Jan. 2000 - Dec. 2000 Systems Analyst Analyzed competitive company's backup software such as Connected Online, Duocor, HotData, Norton Ghost, NovaStor, Power Quest Second Chance and Data Keeper, Retrospect Express, and Veritas Backup.

Developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) for company's backup products.

Performed analysis of software on different platforms. Created technical documentation for company backup software such as manuals, and instructions. Published marketing promotional materials for Marketing Department. Interfaced with Minds@Work to interface their portable storage device to work with Rutilus backup software. Modified Rutilus Software's website to portray product specifications and software demos.

LogisticsONE Inc. - Irvine, CA Jan. 1999 - Dec. 1999 MIS Administrator Coordinated technical definition, development, and implementation of company's network strategy. Maintained the NT Servers, 9x Clients, as well as administered company's users and their database. Developed database software using C++/MFC targeting client/server systems to collect assembly-line data. Published eMachine computer manuals for eMachine. Worked closely with Toshiba, PeoplePC, B.A.S. Micro, eMachine employees to satisfy computer specification requirements during assembly. Planned/Proposed company website & technical support...